Vlad Dracula, The Son of the Dragon Edit

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The Templar knights once had an interest in this area, when they passed through on their way to the crusades. But it was not until the rule of Vlad III that the village reached its prime. The Son of the Dragon ruled the village benevolently, save for some object lessons to lawbreakers that, in time, would build the legend of "Vlad the Impaler." The Ottomans came, as did darker forces, and all were repelled, and the village people lived well under Vlad's rule - if only for a short time.

When Vlad Dracula fled in 1462, the villagers and the Romany were the first victims of the new vampire queen. The streets ran red, but they did not stay red. We watched the undead lick every inch clean.

Vlad eventually returned with Octavian, Cucuvea, and the Romany, marshalling their allies for a final push against the vampires. At the cost of Vlad's life, they destroyed the fiends, and the vampire queen herself fled the valley, with the Romany in determined pursuit.

In the aftermath, Cucuvea laid a curse on the village, binding its evils to the soil so that it might never leave. And there it remains - all of that concentrated, wicked intent soaked into the earth. If you call the name Iazmaciune, sweetling, it might answer.