The Deep Ones Edit

From the dark recesses of subterranean pools, a monster not of this world has recently emerged in Bacas County, Wallachia. Slithering up from cracks and caves in the mountain, they are simply referred to as Deep Ones by the local population.

In a region where supernatural creatures are as common as farm animals and magic is part of everyday life, these unfamiliars have upset the delicate balance. There is no reference to them in traditional folklore, and precious few have any idea how to deal with them.

It appears obvious that their natural habitat is under water. Their hands and toes are webbed and their skin is slick and scaly. A thick tail lined with suction cups helps these bipedals keep their balance even in difficult terrain. They move with deliberate slowness, as if impervious to the passing of time. Although clumsy on land, they glide with the swiftness of a crocodile in water.

It is apparent that they have some sort of telepathic communication with each other and with that which controls them. This tenebrous link is stronger near caves, pools or springs, which is where the Deep Ones are most likely to be found.

After surfacing from their underground lakes, they started corrupting the water sources in the mountains. Secretions from their bodies fill every spring, puddle and creek in the nearby area; the water has been transformed into a dark, slimy and toxic liquid. Locals have learnt the dangers of these pools and warn strangers about them.

The puddles have grown in size and number; in a few places, caves lead to tunnels that are completely flooded with the black ooze. It is impossible for humans to pass through, like trying to swim through a lethal jelly. But for these monsters born of nightmare, it is a lifeline, a direct connection to their master.

The Deep Ones are servants of an ancient sleeping evil, created only to protect their darkly dreaming master. Dormant when there is no threat, they have recently risen to meet the gathering storm and ensure that, when the sleeper finally awakes, the night is grim enough to greet it.